Shower Essentials Kit | All-Natural Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash

Natural Shower Care Kit for Hair & Skin Health

Made in USA
Natural Ingredients



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Transform your shower routine with the Shower Essentials kit, featuring all-natural shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Experience gentle, nourishing care for your hair and skin without harsh chemicals.

  • Gentle Shampoo: Nourishes and cleanses with essential oils, free from harsh detergents.
  • Deep Hydration Conditioner: Hydrates and protects hair, leaving it soft and manageable.
  • Refreshing Body Wash: Cleanses and refreshes with essential oils, leaving skin renewed and fragrant.
  • Natural Ingredients: Free from chemicals that strip, dry, or erode hair and skin health.
  • Made in Canada: High-quality, locally crafted products for your shower routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Spout on conditioner pump is snapped off

I really wanted to use this as a set, and it seems a bit too trivial and waste to send back for a replacement. The content of the bottles is fine.

John W.
Good but not great

A little over priced for the size, but I like the light scent of the trio. I do wish there were a squirt nozzle on all of the bottles, which would make things easier. The packaging is also a little bland and all three bottles look the same, if you didn't pay attention you can grab the wrong one. The actual soap/shampoo/conditioner was well made. I've been using Kirklands paraben free shampoo/conditioner and this is comparable.

Spring N.
Love the natural ingredients!

I was super excited to try this brand out. I love that their products are made with natural, healthy ingredients. Using this trio set makes me feel better knowing what I'm putting on my skin and hair is good for me. I love the black and white bottles, they are so chic and clean , they look amazing in my shower and actually match my decor. And the bottles are huge, so they should last me awhile. All of them have a grapefruit scent that's light and fresh, they smell amazing. Though I do wish the scent was stronger. The shampoo had a great lather and has my hair feeling squeaky clean. The conditioner coats every strand well and gets my hair feeling silky smooth. And the body wash cleans my skin really good without drying it out, makes my skin feel moisturized and soft. Overall I'm really enjoying using these products and would definitely like to try more from this brand. They all work great!

Even better than expected

This is really good set, it’s high-quality smells kind of neutral, but also earthy at the same time. I would definitely recommend.

Li H.
An elegant trio.

It's so rare to find a set of shower products that have clean formulations and look as good as these. It's a bit like my shower is having a white tux event! The fragrance is a subtle citrus... i actually wouldn't mind if it was a bit more intense, but I imagine many people don't like intense smells. The shampoo was effective and the conditioner left my hair feeling very silky. The body wash was great too. Love all of these and looking forward to using their 34oz refill pouches once i run out!

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