Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Wood Drying Disks by Tangie

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Wooden Drying Disk Type:

Wooden Drying Disk Type

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All bars last longer when allowed to dry between uses. These soap dishes are custom made for Tangie and conditioner bars.

Details and ingredients

The disks are shaped like a leaf and the spine of the leaf allows air to circulate around the entire bar. They are a beautiful accent to any decor. When you purchase the matching Conditioner Bar drying disk, they hook together like two puzzle pieces.

Each disk is engraved for the or conditioner bar. The spines of the leaf allow air to circulate around the entire bar. This allows your bar to dry out between uses, extending the life of the bar. That, my friend, is good for your wallet.

The wood drying disks are both functional and a beautiful accent to any decor. Laser cut in Florida.

How to use a drying disk soap dish

After using the bar, please the bar onto the appropriate drying disk. Let it sit there until you need it again. For the best results, let all bars dry between uses. Never let any soap sit in water. The water will break down the ingredients, leaving you with a mushy bar that will not last nearly as long as when you let it dry between uses.

You may find it handy to use the conditioner drying disk as a ‘handle’ on the conditioner bar. Sounds weird, we know. This trick was brough to our attention by several customers.

You see, the conditioner bar has good ‘stickability’ to the drying disk. So, you can pick up the entire drying disk and use it as a handle on the conditioner bar. The drying disk gives you more surface area to hold on too when using the conditioner bar. I really works quite well!

Pick up the disk with the conditioner bar still attached and wipe the conditioner bar down the strands of your hair. Set the disk back down. Easy.

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