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Experience the rejuvenating power of Bars Over Bottles' Revitalizing Shampoo. This potent formula is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, designed to restore luster and softness to your hair. It's the perfect solution for hair that's been damaged by chemical treatments, as it contains proteins that rebuild and strengthen your hair strands from within.

Say goodbye to dry, frizzy hair with Bars Over Bottles' Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner. This high-performance conditioner is a true hydration hero, effectively treating hair porosity and controlling frizz. It also works to reduce split ends, leaving your hair looking sleek and healthy. As an added bonus, all Bars Over Bottles products are eco-friendly, making them a great choice for those looking to make more sustainable choices in their hair care routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amazing for your hair

It's last so long, and the shampoo smells great and the conditioner makes my hair so soft. I switched to bars😁 I would recommend getting containers to put them in to last longer

The best my hair has been

Love the sent. This is my second order love it

Elizabeth P.
Highly recommend

I wanted to give this as a gift for a traveler and decided to try it first. OMG I threw away all my shower hair care products and am using only this stuff. The bars are smaller than expected but hey, very little is needed. Great lather, silky smooth conditioner. Highly recommend.

Caro R.
Good product

Pleasant scent, conditioner leaves your hair soft and my itchy scalp has improved a lot! I’m losing less hair as well.

yvonne v.
Love It

I am very happy with it. I have very long fine, aging hair that is prone to dryness. I also have very itchy dry scalp at times. I have found that what helps my scalp usually makes my hair look bad and vice-versa. I decided to try bar shampoo and conditioner because I have read that it is much more gentle with less chemicals.I have to say… this is great stuff. I washed 2 days ago and my hair still looks and feels fresh. By now, I will usually be itching my crown and above my neck but I have not had any irritation at all. Also, the shampoo left my hair feeling squeaky clea and the conditioner made it super soft and shiny. I did have to use a little oil on the ends but my hair needs a trim anyway.I had to wash twice but that’s ok. It does take a minute to work the conditioner through the hair. Also, you have to rinse the conditioner off well. All in all, I am happy I made the switch

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