Compact Easy-Empty Sweep Set

Carbon Neutral
Recycled Materials

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Experience the magic of this compact sweep set from Full Circle Home. Designed for convenience, it features a loop for hanging and a self-standing design, eliminating the need for a messy broom closet. With a simple touch, the dustpan pivots for easy emptying into the trash, putting an end to awkward wrist movements and unfortunate trash misses. It's like having a professional cleaning team at your fingertips.


Crafted from Bamboo, Recycled Plastic, Recycled Aluminum, and Thermoplastic Rubber, this sweep set is as eco-friendly as it is functional. The set clicks together for easy storage and even features a hanging loop. Plus, it's made with 50% recycled aluminum, thanks to Full Circle Home's partnership with a supplier who upcycles aluminum scraps into new material, contributing to a closed-loop manufacturing process.


Full Circle Home is proud to be a part of your household, offering products that are not only useful but also sustainable, reusable, recycled, and recyclable. They're even shareable, compostable, and occasionally huggable. Full Circle Home is dedicated to the home you live in, and the planet we all share.


To keep your sweep set in top condition, simply wipe clean. If the bristles become heavily soiled, wash with warm water and soap.

* Dustpan pivots for easy, mess-free emptying
* Broom locks into dustpan and stands on its own for convenient storage
* Dustpan teeth comb through broom bristles to remove debris
* Dimensions: 37”L x 12.2” W x 6.5”H – 94cm X 31cm X 16.5cm

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