The Ultimate Zero Waste Bundle

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Recycled Materials

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Embrace Zero Waste Living with Full Circle Home

Why Full Circle Home Loves It:

Full Circle Home has taken your favorite sink-side essentials and given them a new, planet-friendly purpose: your compost pile. With the Ultimate Zero Waste Bundle, they've made it incredibly easy to reduce your waste and make sustainable choices without extra effort.

What's Inside:

This bundle includes a range of eco-friendly and compostable essentials:

Scrubby Cloths
Sponge Cloth
Veggie Brush
Dish Brush
Scour Pads
Innovative Design:

Full Circle Home's Zero Waste Collection is the perfect way to embark on a zero-waste lifestyle without compromising on functionality. These products are crafted from natural materials, allowing you to make eco-conscious swaps for your everyday sink-side favorites.

At the Core:

Full Circle Home is dedicated to being a part of your home, offering products that are not only sustainable, reusable, and recyclable but also shareable, compostable, and sometimes even huggable. Their commitment extends to your home and the planet we all share.

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash (Scrubby Cloths, Sponge Cloth, Veggie Brush, Dish Brush, Scour Pads): Clean with warm soapy water and lay flat to dry.
Machine Washable (Dishcloths): Machine wash and hang to dry.
Smart Features:

Zero Waste Bundle designed to kickstart your zero-waste lifestyle.
Ideal for everyday tasks such as dishwashing, surface cleaning, and veggie scrubbing.
Completely biodegradable and compostable at the end of their life cycle, including the packaging.
Plastic-free packaging ensures that nothing ends up in the landfill.

Sponge Cloth: 6.69" x 7.95" x 0.08" (16.99cm x 20.19cm x 0.20cm)
Take the leap into zero waste living with Full Circle Home's Ultimate Zero Waste Bundle. It's your eco-friendly, compostable companion for a cleaner home and a greener planet. Let sustainability be effortless!

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