Zero Waste Dish Washing Soap Bar by Tangie

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Introducing the Tangie Tough Dish Soap Bar, a no-nonsense solution for your dishwashing needs. This bar packs the power of salt to cut through tough grease and grime, leaving your dishes and utensils spotless, without any added fragrances.

The Clean and Fragrance-Free Solution:

Tangie Dish Soap Bar is free from scents and fragrances, ensuring that your dishes and utensils remain free from any unwanted smells. Tangie believes in simplicity and effectiveness.

The Power of Salt:

Salt is a highly effective ingredient that, when combined with water, creates a saline solution capable of breaking down protein-based messes, making it ideal for dishwashing.

Natural Ingredients, Eco-Friendly Packaging:

This zero-waste dish soap bar contains only five natural ingredients, plus a little love. It's gentle on your hands, thanks to shea butter, and the sea salt quickly and effectively cuts through grease and grime, requiring less water for rinsing. Solid soap bars are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid dish detergents, producing zero plastic waste.

Perfect for a Sustainable Kitchen:

For those committed to reducing plastic waste and embracing a zero-waste lifestyle, Tangie Dish Soap Bar is the ideal environmentally friendly option. It's small enough to fit easily in a standard soap dish without requiring any special accommodations. The paper wrapper packaging is recyclable or suitable for home composting.


Coconut Oil
Saponified Sodium Hydroxide
Shea Butter
Olive Oil Pomace
Sea Salt
How to Use:

Thoroughly wet your cloth, scrubber, or sponge.
For cloth: Place the bar in your hand and rub it directly onto the wet cloth.
For sponge and scrubber: Swirl the sponge or scrubber directly onto the bar.
A lather will typically not appear until you start washing the dish.
Wash your entire dish, rinse, and smile.
Pro Tips:

Using a soft bristle brush head may result in quicker lathering than a stiff bristle brush.
If you use a soap dish that can hold the bar on two sides, you can easily swirl your brush head directly on the top of the dish bar without having to hold it in your hand.
Beyond the Sink:

This versatile dish soap bar can be used for more than just dishes. When you need extra cleaning power for walls, floors, counters, shoes, and more, simply wipe a cloth or scrubber on the bar, work up a lather, scrub the dirty area, and rinse clean.

Enjoy spotlessly clean dishes and more, all while reducing plastic waste and minimizing environmental impact with Tangie Tough Dish Soap Bar.

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