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Flora takes a long-term and personalized approach to sustainability
A Planet That Needs Our Help

The earth’s climate has changed throughout history, but this time is definitely different. Human activity is generating more carbon emissions than the earth has the ability to process. And the buildup of these emissions is causing worldwide temperatures to rise faster and higher than ever before. This issue will change our planet as we know it unless we take drastic action to reverse its effects.

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Now is the time to act

The good news is that it’s not too late to take action. Scientists, engineers, and businesses are innovating constantly to reduce carbon emissions and decarbonize the earth. While this is a good first step, it won’t be enough to achieve net zero carbon emissions. Because of this, it is our job as consumers to measure our impact and start making changes in our consumption and lifestyle to reduce it. 

Flora believes that everybody can drive the change. This is why we are empowering our customers to understand, measure, track and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Our vision for a better planet

We plan to do everything in our power to make conscious consumption an everyday practice – providing people with the information, resources, and products they need to calculate and meaningfully reduce their carbon footprint and the motivation to empower more sustainable lifestyles. We are championing a shift towards greater specificity when it comes to sustainability — offering detailed, transparent, and measurable steps to reduce emissions, improve peoples lives, and make the world a better place.

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A revolutionary View on Sustainability

We’re proud to be the first marketplace that calculates the carbon footprint of every product and measures the overall carbon savings of each of our customers on an ongoing basis. We believe our ability to measure these actions will empower people to constantly improve shopping habits, resulting in a large and tangible impact. Our marketplace helps support independent mission-driven brands that have emphasized sustainable practices and developed methods that have a lower footprint than their mass market equivalents. Additionally, we’re constantly developing content that complements shopping, to educating our customers and inspiring sustainable actions beyond the scope of our products. We’re proud to bring both together in an interactive and personalized way that gives consumers a full picture of their footprint and a clear path to reducing it. We want to help you and millions of others own, understand and reach your sustainability goals. Here's how we approach sustainability for our customers:

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Flora makes sustainability easy to grasp. Learn more about sustainability and get inspired by the topics you care most about. We also help you think about the small choices you can make that can add up to make a real difference.

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Similar to how recommended daily calorie intake helps us gauge how much and what to eat, we plan to provide the same context for carbon emissions, enabling you know and understand the impact different choices have on the environment and why.

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Enjoy a personalized shopping experience that enables you to discover new mission-driven brands and their products that make a positive impact. Track the impact of your purchases and lifestyle choices to see them grow and reach your goals over time.

Take action to Live Sustainably

Conscious consumption as an everyday practice starts with understanding your carbon footprint. Answer a few questions about yourself, your habits, and lifestyle to calculate your personal carbon footprint.