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Effective & eco-friendly cleaning products with safe & simple ingredients for your family and the planet.

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Empowered 100,000+ Homes with Powerful Cleaning

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30,000+ Carpets Revitalized, Not Landfilled

Real Experiences from our Community

Samantha K.

Natural and safe for the fam

Love Good Natured's effective, natural products. They're safe for my family!

Kevin L.

Safe for pets

The carpet freshener works wonders and pet friendly.

Fondrea T.

Amazing smell

I have 2 dogs you can’t tell there inside. I sprinkle this down twice a week

Jennifer H.


Impressed by the eco-friendly commitment and powerful cleaning.

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Born from a mother's commitment to protecting her family and Maine's natural beauty, Good Natured Brand's eco-friendly products harmonize effectiveness and sustainability.

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