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Introducing Bright, Everneat's Oxygen Bleach Concentrate, expertly designed to banish stains from your clothes and surfaces. It's even robust enough for outdoor power washing tasks.

Crafted with top-tier mineral ingredients, Bright promises to restore your clothes and surfaces to their original glory.

💧 For laundry, use 1/2oz for small loads and 1oz for large loads
💧 To refresh tile, grout, toilet bowls or porcelain sinks, mix 1 tsp with Surface Cleaner, Dish Soap or hot water to create a potent paste.
💧 For power washing, add 1 cup to every 5 gal of water

🌟 Bright not only whitens whites but is also safe for colored fabrics.

🌿 Made from mineral-based ingredients
🐇 Vegan & Cruelty-Free (Leaping Bunny Certified)
💪 Offers powerful cleaning
🌎 Comes in compostable packaging
🧽 Endorsed by professional cleaners

Bright can safely clean your:
✔️ Laundry
✔️ Linens
✔️ Rugs
✔️ Porcelain sinks
✔️ Toilets
✔️ Tiles & Grout
✔️ Concrete Floors
✔️ Decks
✔️ Siding
✔️ And more!

🌟 For rugs and upholstery, test a small spot first and avoid soaking to prevent discoloration.


💧 Clear is unscented and free from Essential Oils.



1️⃣ Add 1tbsp (0.5oz) to your load as a laundry booster
2️⃣ Wash in cold or hot water
3️⃣ Dry and enjoy clean clothes!

⏱️ For stubborn stains, pre-clean with Spot Cleaner before washing.

Power Wash:

1️⃣ Add 1 cup to 5gal of water. For a stronger solution, add 1-2oz of Surface Cleaner Concentrate
2️⃣ Load the mix into your power washer
3️⃣ Power wash and enjoy a clean deck, concrete floor, or siding!


Powered by minerals:
🌿 Sodium Percarbonate (bleach alternative)
🌿 Sodium Carbonate (soda ash)
🌿 Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)

Please, keep out of reach of children and pets. If contact with the eyes occurs, rinse with fresh water for 15 minutes. If ingested, drink plenty of fresh water. Seek medical attention if problems persist.

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