Glass Refill Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Teal Color - 16 oz

Made in USA

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Experience the perfect blend of style and sustainability with this eco-friendly glass bottle, designed to house your MomRemedy Everything Household Cleaner. Adorned with a protective silicone boot in a stunning teal shade, this bottle is not just functional, but also a chic addition to your kitchen counter or any room in your home.

With the 64 oz refill cleaner bottle, which is fully recyclable, you can ensure that MomRemedy's cleaning magic is always within your reach. This durable glass bottle, with its 16-ounce capacity, is not just sustainable but also incredibly convenient.

Its clean, modern design is sure to enhance your countertop aesthetics. Plus, it comes shipped in a recyclable cardboard protective sleeve, making it an excellent choice for gifting too. Choose MomRemedy, choose a cleaner and greener home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Very pretty spray bottle.

I really like this spray bottle. I'm terrible about not putting away my cleaning supplies and leaving them sit out on the counter, at least this bottle is pretty! The bottle comes packed in a heavy duty, cardboard tube style box, so no worries about the glass breaking during shipping. The glass itself feels very thick and sturdy. My first thought when ordering was how this would last forever, but then I realized that it's the sprayer that usually fails with spray bottles. I did not see an option to order replacements. Maybe they will come out with those later?

Fabulous Glass Spray Bottle! Quality Made!!

This spray bottle is great looking, the silicone sleeve is an awesome addition, not only does it protect the bottom of the bottle but it protects your counter top surface too. It is removable too, which is great for when you need to wash th bottle or if you prefer not to use it at all. What I love most about this bottle is the misting spray option, I have had a number of sprayers with that option but none as good as this one. It comes out in a fine mist, which will be great in the summer heat. The other great thing about the glass is its reusable factor and that it does not retain odors like the plastic containers do. This is a versatile, quality made spray bottle.

Sandra's View "I like it"

I received 1 bottle. The glass holds 16 ounces and is made of glass. The glass has a silicone protective sleeve. The bottle is recyclable and works well. Overall I like it.

Hunting C.
Silicone protects the bottom

This is a good general spray bottle. Love the silicone on the bottom to protect it from breaking. I like this for concentrated cleaners that I have to mix myself. Makes it a little easier to have a specific bottle.

S. S.
Excellent Glass spray bottle

Solid quality. Glass bottle with silicone sleeves make perfect spray bottle.

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