Maya Cosmetics


      Maya Cosmetics is America's leading nail polish, and cosmetics brand focusing on the halal, kosher and vegan market. Started in 2016 their products are currently distributed in about 100+ independent retailers including salons, pharmacies, fashion boutiques, gift shops, etc. The products are USA made and currently exported to 40 countries. 

      Maya’s proprietary nail polish formula is breathable, and allows water, and oxygen to permeate the nail polish and reach the surface of the nail. This results in stronger and better conditioned nails. Breathability also facilitates nail growth for weak or damaged nails. 

      Maya Cosmetics have been physician-tested, and accredited! Maya is 9-free, PETA-certified - free of animal testing, vegan-friendly, gluten free, and Halal. 40% of their ingredients are sourced under fair-trade!

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