9G Golden Blonde Heat Activated Hair Dye With Organic Ingredients - 120 ml (4 fl. oz)


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Introducing ONC NATURALCOLORS® - a revolutionary hair color dye that's not just about changing your hair shade, but also about caring for your hair. This unique product is a blend of certified organic ingredients and added vitamins, making it a 2-in-1 hair color and hair care solution. Perfect for home use, this hair coloring kit is a healthier alternative to conventional hair dyes.

Unlike traditional hair colors that use harsh chemicals to open cuticles, ONC NATURALCOLORS takes a gentler approach. It uses natural, molecule-sized pigments that color your hair when exposed to heat, maintaining a low pH level. The result? Hair that's not just beautifully colored, but also vibrant, soft, and healthy!

Our FASHION SHADES range won't turn black hair blonde, but they will lift your hair color by 1-2 shades. For a one-shade lift and 100% gray coverage, choose from our wide range of shades including 4B, 4G, 4M, 4MC, 4RR, 5G, 5R, 5RF, 6C, 6CA, 6G, 6KR, 6RR, 7C, 7G, 7RN, 8CA, and 8G. For a two-shade lift, opt for 9G, although it may not provide the best gray coverage. For optimal results with 9G, we recommend consulting a professional colorist or stylist.

ONC NATURALCOLORS is enriched with organic argan oil, aloe vera, orange extracts, chamomile, coconut oil, and vitamins. These ingredients work together to leave your hair feeling softer, smoother, and shinier than ever before!

In essence, ONC NATURALCOLORS is as close to chemical-free as you can get while still achieving permanent results. It's the organic hair color solution that truly works!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kathy S.
Beautiful color

The beautiful color faded and it did not cover the gray I have near my face.
I did call your company and received information A
On a product I should use a couple times before I color again. And, it was suggested that I leave the color in my hair for an additional 15 minutes. . After this next color, I was told that I should then take a picture if fading & resistant gray continues and a specialist will then guide me into my next step.
The support you provide to your customers is impressive & very much appreciated.

Lorraine M.

I am afraid I picked the wrong shade for me and need more a natural light blonde. This I am afraid will Bri g out more red shades so I don’t think I will try it

Shelia R.

I liked it but I think I should have gone with a light brown

Karen F.
Will continue to use

I changed colors when I decided the platinum was too light. My natural color is golden blond (turning grey☹️) and used the golden blond. It definitely made a difference but not as profound as I had hoped but dud read that it might take more than one time to achieve the color I’m hoping for. I will purchase the golden blond for my next application. Love the product.

Marilyn D.L.C.
Love it

Love this color
what I was looking for

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