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Experience the power of AllerDx, a fast-acting solution for those sensitive to pollen, dust, dander, food, and other environmental irritants. This natural supplement is designed to enhance your breathing by opening nasal passageways in just 10-20 minutes!

AllerDx is not just quick, it's also the most effective natural seasonal support on the market. Backed by clinical studies, it's proven to improve nasal airflow swiftly and address the root causes of your sensitivities.

Why choose AllerDx?

* It's non-drowsy and stimulant-free, ensuring you stay alert and active.
* It's clinically tested, with significant improvements in nasal airflow observed within 10-20 minutes.
* It's the result of decades of research and development in clinical practice.
* It's quality controlled from farm to finished product, guaranteeing you the best.
* It's a natural, plant-based herbal supplement, making it a perfect eco-friendly choice.
* It's vegan, aligning with your dietary preferences.

For your convenience, AllerDx is also available in a 12-capsule packet. Discover the difference with AllerDx today! []

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aller rx

I've been using this product for over a year.
It still works great and fast with no side effects. Thank you

Perfect for gardening!

My gardening experience is much more comfortable when I take AllerDx before I get started! Thanks for this great product!!

AllerDX and Digestiv

I can't say enough about this company (family owned and operated) and its products.

Through my Naturopath, I was introduced to AllerDX several years ago. It seems that all year around, there is *something* to be sensitive to. The world has become so much more toxic! So, I take AllerDx (all plant derived and healthful ingredients) daily. When I run out (subscribe!), I feel the difference immediately. As claimed, it works within minutes of taking it. Truly amazing.

Digestiv is that same story, except it is for *digestion* (which I never understood really addressed "regularity," ahem). Again, the gentle plant compounds do "the trick" without an overreaction and actually support my own natural inner process as opposed to overstimulating a bowel movement. I have become "normal" for the first time in my life. No joke.

I can't finish without talking about the amazing customer support. Lindsey is one of the only non-family members in the company and she obviously loves her job and the company and its products and its customers! I have been treated personally and well whenever I've had to reach out.

Hopefully, as Lindsey indicated, the bottled Digestiv will be out soon. I will be, as with the AllerDX, putting it on Subscribe.

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