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Merilyn D.
My Neighbo LOVED it

I got this for a neighbor who lost her mother. She absolutely LOVED it. The quality, vivid colors and wood finish is top notch. She said she will keep as a treasure forever : )

Jeromy a.
Great for ANY occasion!

I wanted to rob a bank buy thought just sliding a cheap piece of paper across the counter was underwhelming. The teller liked the card so much she took the dye packs out herself and left with me. We're gettin hitched next week! The prison Chaplin is hoping for good weather so we can do it right out in the yard. The guys in the cell next to me are gonna do a double wedding with us! Thanks for the lovely card!

R. M.
Beautiful but it's zing .

Something that can be displayed as long as a person want to display.

Picky R.R.
Absolutely Beautiful!

Absolutely Beautiful!Came just as shown in photos. The colors could be brighter, but I’m still very happy.Give an awesome card that is truly appreciated!Well worth the price.

Not as shown

I specifically bought this design over others I preferred because the pictures showed it without "HeartSpace Cards" on the back. When paying a premium for a card like this, I am intending it to be a keepsake, not just another dime-a-dozen Hallmark-esque greeting card. I am disappointed to receive it with the logo clearly emblazoned on the back. I didn't pay this much for a card just to advertise for you. Other than that the card is fine, decently well made and printed.Simply put, product received does not match the product as pictured.