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Introducing BEACH BE GONE®, a revolutionary product born on the sunny beaches of California, designed to effortlessly remove stubborn sand from your skin. This Coconut-scented body powder not only whisks away moisture and sand but also leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Say goodbye to sandy seats and hello to a sand-free you!

Crafted with a blend of natural ingredients including Baking Soda, Organic Aloe Leaf Powder, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Non-GMO Corn Starch, Provitamin B5, Allantoin, and Vitamin C Ester, this body powder is a testament to OLITA's commitment to healthy, eco-friendly skincare. The added Fragrance Oil ensures a delightful coconut scent, making your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable.

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Wonderful sand removal powder

I was sent this Beach Be Gone Sand Remover in Coconut complimentary from Olita and Beautytap in exchange for my expert review. I am a Beautytap Verified Beauty Expert with a professional background in retail and healthcare but a personal passion for skincare and beauty. I have been a skincare and beauty content creator and photographer for over a year and take special interest in ingredients and formulation.This unique product has a light powdery texture that, when sprinkled and spread on the skin, helps absorb stickiness and remove sand without scraping and scratching the skin. The powder has a light warm coconut scent. It contains a blend of baking soda, soothing aloe leaf powder, zinc oxide and corn starch to provide a barrier between sticky rough sand and skin and allow for gentle sand removal. This powder is also wonderful for everyday use to prevent chafing when exercising or having fun outdoors. I would recommend this Beach Be Gone Sand Remover for anyone who needs to remove sand or grit gently from skin after a day of beach recreation.
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

Life saver with kids

Holy grail right here especially with the kids. We go to visit my parents in San Diego and my kids love the beach until it's time to leave and it's a huge struggle to try to wash them off the sand and it still gets everywhere. The car. Their toys. Literally everywhere. The smell of the coconut is so yummy. The base is baking soda which makes this product very safe to use on kids skin. It's easy to use and helped wipe the excess sand away really easily. The $15 pricepoint is fair and we still have quite a bit left after our spring break beach trip. I would definitely just keep this in the car if you're anywhere near sand. As a five year veteran in the high end skincare retail space, I appreciate products that work and feel good on the skin.
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

A Safe and Effective Sand Remover

I am an avid beachgoer and my family, and we find ourselves loving the visit but dreading the tough removal of all that sand that clings to out bodies. It is a common and beloved trick to bring baby powder to remove sand easily when leaving the beach but given the reputation behind talcum powder, it is not something that I prefer to use. It is really a rather simple science on how baby powder removes sand, and it comes down to one simple thing, baby powder removes excess water which dries the skin allowing sand to freely fall. Olita took this simple fact and made a product that I want to use. This same simple reaction is performed using baking soda which is substantially safer yet just as effective at removing that moisture. Corn starch also helps with this. This sand removing powder also provides some soothing, healing benefits as well as vitamins and minerals all with a few shakes of a bottle. It left my skin feeling clean, refreshed, a bit coconutty and absolutely sand free! I highly recommend this for those beach days, and it is safe for the whole family. My background is in biological sciences and I have been a professional skincare blogger for the past three years.
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

OLITA Beach Be Gone Coconut

Olita Beach Be Gone Sand Remover Coconut is a must have for travel or just a day at the beach. Using powder to rinse off sand was an interesting concept to me. I did not realize having excess sand on my body from the beach was an issue until I tried this sand remover, and it was fantastic. I decided to take a walk on the beach barefoot. It was easy to brush away the sand with the sand remover and I was able to accomplish this pretty quickly. The coconut fragrance is refreshing and smells like summer in a bottle. Both the scent and texture was gentle on my skin and did not cause any flakiness. I noticed the powder is very fine and disappeared in my hands without gathering in the cracks. My name is Aakruti Sheth and as an up and coming Entrepreneur in the beauty industry for five years and a Content Creator on Instagram, this sand remover belongs in every beach bag. IG: @potionsandpatterns
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

Beach Be Gone

Hello Again Beauties!The OLITA Beach Be Gone Coconut powder is a moisture wicking, sand stopping, beach essential product that smells wonderful! This “smells oh so good” powder of the summer season will be a must have for your beach bag beauties! You’re going to love the way this California beach powder helps brush away the sand while leaving your skin smelling coconut fresh. Not only are you getting the natural exfoliation of the sand for a little mini pedicure, but you are also pampering yourself with the sweet scents of the tropics. I personally thought the powder was silky soft, and it made me feel very fancy. It’s sounds silly, but I believe the small things like this really make all the difference for self-care. If you are going to spend some time near the water, you should take some extra time for yourself and really make it a great experience by bringing along the OLITA Beach Products. Finding clean sun-care products is difficult at times, but the OLITA brand is making it both easy and enjoyable to find all your sun-care needs in a complete line. Overall: A five star clean ingredient powder that keeps your skin smelling fresh, soft, and sand-free. Sand stays on the beach instead of on your feet!
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

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