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Introducing BEACH BE GONE®, a revolutionary product born on the sunny shores of California, designed to effortlessly remove stubborn sand from your skin. This body powder, infused with a refreshing Cool Surf scent, expertly absorbs moisture and sand, leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh, and sand-free.

Say goodbye to sandy seats and hello to a clean, comfortable post-beach experience.

BEACH BE GONE® is crafted with a blend of natural ingredients including Baking Soda, Organic Aloe Leaf Powder, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Non-GMO Corn Starch, Provitamin B5, Allantoin, Vitamin C Ester, and Fragrance Oil. OLITA's commitment to eco-friendly, healthy skincare is evident in this innovative product. Enjoy the beach, without taking it home with you.

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Sand Remover

I recieved this product with the purpose for review. But Please keep in mind that I would never let that sway my opinion of the product. That being said... I really enjoyed this! What a cool concept for a products! I really wish I had this years ago when my kids were babies. it would have made my life so much easier! Smell is pleasant, not too strong but definitely noticieable. I was also really suprised at how well this worked! I didn't track sand into the house or all over our clothes and towels. So Cool! It also left my skin feeling nice and soft. Wasn't drying or irritating at all. Definitely a beach-bag staple for the summer. Especially if you have kids that just love rolling around in the sand! Five stars for sure. Packaging was also lovely and user friendly
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

Sand remover

I was really excited to try this product because like most people I love the beach, but don’t necessarily love the hard to remove sand coming with me after I leave! Such a great idea for a product, the beach be gone sand removing powder will surely be a staple in my beach bag all summer. *BUT* there’s more— this handy product has actually been chilling in my gym bag lately, because it doubles as a moisture wicking body powder. As an esthetician I was very impressed by the ingredients, featuring aloe powder, zinc, and skin friendly vitamins making this PERFECT for absorbing moisture and preventing runners rash, chaffing, or any sweat/heat induced irritation! Something I love about this powder is how silky it feels going on, and how soft my skin feels after applying. I also really liked the light scented, gentle, and skin safe formula. Overall, this product is a hit in my book. Perfect for beach trips, outdoor/high intensity workouts to keep skin looking and feeling great!
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**


- [ ] Olita Beach Be Gone is the perfect item to bring with you when your enjoying a day at the beach. With ingredients like Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C intermixed with Aloe leaf powder helps keep the sand at the beach and your skin feeling great! This product is also great to use after spending time in the garden! I suggest sprinkling little of the product in the desired area then in circular motions spread the product to remove sand or dirt. I love that this sand remover has little to no fragrance and doesn’t leave me skin feeling dry. I highly recommend after removing all unwanted dirt and sand to use Olita Aftersun body serum to hydrate the skin after a long day out in the sun. This will be your favorite product to bring with you for any outdoor adventure while having amazing skin!
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

Where has this been all my life?!

Okay but for real, where has this product been all my life?! Summertime my mom and I basically live on the beach, and have tried every little trick in the book to help stop us bringing all the sand into our car. Rinsing off, using a towel, the ol’ baby powder trick, you name it, we’ve tried it. So imagine my surprise that a product like this not only exists, but works, and incredibly so. It took all the sand off, while leaving my skin feeling soft, and had a cooling effect. And it smells so good!! Just a light, refreshing aquatic scent but doesn’t radiate out like a perfume.My only negative is it never completely closes. I understand that they needed to make the top a certain way to get the product out easier, but even when the top is “closed”, the powder can still easily get out if it’s turned over or on its side. This is 100% coming with me to Cabo, but in a ziploc bag for safety.
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

OLITA Beach Be Gone Cool Surf

I recently had the opportunity to try out the OLITA Beach Be Gone Cool Surf and I have to say that I was very impressed. I am an avid surfer and I was stoked to try out this product. After a day at the beach, I was covered in sand. I didn't want to go through the hassle of showering, so I decided to give OLITA a try. Amazingly, the sand just melted away! It was like it never existed in the first place. My skin felt soft and smooth, and I didn't have that annoying itchiness that often comes with sand. Overall, I was very impressed with OLITA Beach Be Gone and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants an easy and convenient way to remove sand from their body. Plus, OLITA Beach Be Gone is gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin. So next time you're at the beach, make sure to pack OLITA Beach Be Gone in your beach bag.
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

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