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Crafted together with love by Mexican artisan families, these gorgeous yet durable eco-friendly bags are lightweight, versatile and perfect for carrying anything you need on a daily basis. Use them as a market shopping bag, summer bag, wine bag, beach bag or as a party accessory. By purchasing a one of a kind Bagaro bag, you can feel great knowing that your purchase is helping local communities. Mix and match to suit your style, or gift a bag to loved ones for a special occasion.

Size: XL Jumbo 

Shoulder Drop: 9 inches
Dimensions: 17"L x 18"H x 8"W
Weight: 2.5 pounds

Size: Jumbo
Shoulder Drop: 9 inches
Dimensions: 14.5"L x 13"H x 7"W
Weight: 1.7 pounds

Size: Large
Shoulder Drop: 10.5 inches
Dimensions: 13.5"L x 11.5" H x5.5"W
Weight: 1.4 pounds

Size: Small
Shoulder Drop: 10.5 inches
Dimensions: 11.5"L x 12"H x 5.5"W
Weight: 1.3 pounds

Size: Mini
Shoulder Drop: 8 inches
Dimensions: 10"L x 9"H x 4.5"W
Weight: 1.0 pound

Colors: Navy Blue & White

100% recycled plastic, waterproof, unlined

All components made and assembled in Mexico

Our Bagaro bags are easy to clean without fading. Wipe away small stains with a wet cloth to freshen up your bag. For maximum durability, rinse with soap and water and air dry.

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