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Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace the role of an eco-friendly cleaning mixologist with Full Circle Home's unique cleaning solution bottle. Its wide neck ensures easy filling, while the stylish silicone boot at the bottom guarantees a gentle landing, eliminating any chance of dramatic slams post-cleaning. Crafted from glass, bamboo, silicone, and recycled plastic, this bottle is a testament to Full Circle Home's commitment to sustainability. Remember to hand wash this product to maintain its quality. made in China.

Customer Reviews

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Heather W.
Esthetically pleasing

I purchased multiples pieces from Amazon including the spray bottle, and their matching bamboo scrubber set. It all matches that green color, and works wonderfully. The bamboo lid removes, offering a wider mouth if needed. I needed a spray bottle that doesn't ruin like plastic, and keep my kitchen sink area clean. Absolutely great purchase and definitely worth getting!

Preschool t.
No need for a funnel!

I love that this bottle has two different size openings that make refilling it easy! There is a small size hole from the spray handle and if you unscrew the top part below the wood there is a bigger hole. There is no need for a funnel with this bottle!

More pleasing than plastic

Looks nicer than plastic and is better for the environment too. Large size means less time mixing batches of homemade cleaning solution.

High Quality - Easily Fillable

I've purchased 2 of these, 1 for produce wash, and 1 for Force of Nature disinfectant. They work great so far, are easy to fill, and they spray every last drop in the bottle. A very nice fine mist, as well.

Amazon C.
Sustainable option!

Put whatever you want in here! The mist spray is great and the spot spray is great as well. The spray part may feel a little loose as you spray and it swivels, but it isn’t.

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