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Ditch the toxic chemicals in favor of becoming a cleaning mixologist and making your own eco-friendly solution. The wide neck is easy to fill and the bottle sports a swank silicone boot on the bottom for a soft landing. (Read: no dramatic slams after a triumphant clean.) Glass, Bamboo, Silicone, Recycled Plastic. Hand Wash.
Made in China

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Customer Reviews

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I really wanted to like this. Started to make my own surface spray and detergent, so really happy when I found this modern spray bottle. Not even a month goes by and I noticed the lid is shutting as tight any more. I looked and lo and behold! The white part is corroded where you shut the lid. I looked at it and realized it’s not plastic but probably rubber. White vinegar doesn’t go well with rubber, in fact, it corrodes rubber. So now I’m back to looking for a spray bottle on Amazon. My husband think I did this so I can keep shopping on Amazon but this time I reeaally wanted to like this spray bottle and keep it as a keeper. Too bad!

Spindler F.
Works great--NOT sturdy!

This spray bottle works really good and is beautiful. The problem is the durability. I had used it only a few times, when my daughter used it and it broke. She went to put it back on the dresser and the bottom glass portion broke if from the sprayer part. Thankfully she didn't get hurt!

Heather W.
Esthetically pleasing

I purchased multiples pieces from Amazon including the spray bottle, and their matching bamboo scrubber set. It all matches that green color, and works wonderfully. The bamboo lid removes, offering a wider mouth if needed. I needed a spray bottle that doesn't ruin like plastic, and keep my kitchen sink area clean. Absolutely great purchase and definitely worth getting!

Preschool t.
No need for a funnel!

I love that this bottle has two different size openings that make refilling it easy! There is a small size hole from the spray handle and if you unscrew the top part below the wood there is a bigger hole. There is no need for a funnel with this bottle!

Tricia K.
Good, not great

Ordered in November of 2021 and haven’t had any issues with it. Then in May I notice the threading on the bottle is starting to chip. Come June, the bottle and the cap come apart and the bottle nearly crashed onto the floor while holding it. Luckily I caught it before it likely would’ve shattered. Kind of disappointed. Thought it would’ve lasted longer.