Brow Serum | Fuller Brows, 0.17 fl oz

Brow Serum for Healthy Growth

EWG Verified
Fair Trade Certified
Made in USA
Natural Ingredients

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Nuele Brow Serum offers a clean beauty solution for achieving fuller, healthier eyebrows. Formulated to condition and promote growth, this serum is fast-drying, non-oily, and free of toxins, providing nourishment without buildup.

  • Fuller Brows: Achieve fuller brows that hold their style throughout the day.
  • Conditions & Promotes Growth: Moisturizes, protects, and promotes growth for longer, healthier brows.
  • Fast Drying & Non-Oily: Quick-drying formula ensures no oily residue, making it safe for all skin types.
  • Toxin-Free: Free of fragrances, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, and GMOs, ensuring a clean and natural solution.
  • Easy Application: Simply coat both eyebrows with serum daily, brushing down the brow for best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Slow improvement

After diligent use, I am noticing my eyebrows are becoming fuller. I was an over plucker in early 00's lol. I think this is helping.The bottle does leak if left on its side.

Helped a little bit

Chemotherapy did a real number on my eyebrows! They finally came back, but they are scraggly. I used this Nuele Brow sSerum faithfully. I believe it helped a little. My brows are not quite as thin as they were. It helped to keep them from looking so scraggly too!

I mean... maybe

So, my thinning brown are not any thicker after using this bottle. However... I fee like they look healthier from conditioning them with this. It is a bit oily. And I don't understand the hard sharp applicator. I put it on my finger and rubbed into my brows. They look maybe a but more grown in and thicker but maybe because they aren't as dull and more shiny...? I don't know. Nothing bad to say, nothing amazing to say. I'm not a makeup person so I was hoping for a little more maybe.

Akima R.R.
Love The Hydration In This Organic Eyebrow Serum

The Nuele Brow Serum is a nice conditioner for my eyebrows and it's now a must have in my face regiment. I have very dry skin and sometimes in my brows you can see it but now that I'm using this serum it keeps my brows hydrated and in place and I love it. The serum is not too heavy and once you apply it then it lasts all day. I have to be careful using serums near my eyes because I have very sensitive eyes and I made a mistake and and rubbed some in my eye and I didn't have an issue so I think the serum being organic had a lot to do with that. Great for a hydrating face day or use it just to keep your eyebrows in place even with make-up on.

It’s helping fill in my brow tails

I’ve been using this serum for exactly one week so far. I posted before and after pictures. Although, I do plan on making another update in a couple weeks to show how much more my brows have grown or enhanced.The only complaint I have is that this serum leaks a little. It’s not a lot though and it can be easily wiped off with a paper towel. It’s not really a huge problem for me honestly.I do believe that I’ve gotten pretty quick results from this serum. The ends of eyebrow tails were really thin from thyroid issues but this serum seems to be helping with that. My eyebrows in general look a little thicker and more nourished than before. So far I’ve been getting great results! I’ll update with a photo of my progress in 2 more weeks.

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