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Did you know that each reusable produce bag can potentially eliminate up to 1000 plastic bags over its lifetime? Eliminate the single-use vegetable bags with these 100% cotton mesh produce bags. Mesh cotton is not only lightweight and stretchy, it is biodegradable, nylon and polyester free. They feature tare weight tags and stainless steel cord locks for easy opening and closing. Transport all your non-packaged foods, like vegetables, fruits, bread, and nuts.

They aren't just for fruits and veggies, you can use them as toy storage bags, snack bags, small-item laundry bags, and much more! Forget about all those legos, crayons, and rocks rolling around in the car.

The small size bag works well for smaller produce like brussel sprouts, 8 or 9 lemons or limes, or 3-4 avocados. The medium size is great for fruits like oranges, apples, bananas, etc. The large size is perfect for leafy greens like celery and lettuce; it can also carry around 3 broccoli heads.

  • Set of 3 includes: 1x large (10.5 x 16 in.), 1x medium (11 x 12.5 in.), and 1x small (10.5 x 8 in.) produce bags.
  • Set of 6 includes: 2x large (10.5 x 16 in.), 2x medium (11 x 12.5 in.), and 2x small (10.5 x 8 in.) produce bags.
  • Machine washable in cold water. Hang to dry.

    Customer Reviews

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    Lacy S.
    Just say no to plastic

    I have always been a person that shops from the perimeter of the grocery store - Produce, Meats, Dairy. I always felt guilty when I had to take a sad little plastic bag to house my fruits and veggies but I am sad no more! I love that there is a reusable alternative!

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