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Experience the rapid restoration of your immune system with ColdDx®! This potent supplement is your go-to solution when fatigue, over-exposure, seasonal shifts, or chilly weather have taken a toll on your health.

Missed your opportunity to bolster your health with ImmuneDx? No worries! ColdDx is here to swiftly bring back the equilibrium to your immune system.

In a groundbreaking human gene expression study, ColdDx was found to significantly reduce the production of a wide range of inflammation-related cytokines. This indicates that ColdDx is a powerful ally in maintaining your inflammatory immune health*.


* Rapidly restores immune balance*
* Eases the discomfort of an overtaxed immune system*
* Non-drowsy and free from stimulants*

Choose ColdDx for a quick, natural, and effective immune system boost!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Very effective herbal remedy

I try to stay away from OTC antihistamines and I use Plantiva’s Allergy product that I find very effective. When I came down with a head cold I ordered the ColdDx product and it improved how I felt and I think shortened my cold.

Amazon C.

Felt good after

Get it!

Works every time! Get rid of my cold or cough in no time and it’s so natural.

... at an event and a couple days later felt like I had a cold coming on so I took ...

I received a sample of this product at an event and a couple days later felt like I had a cold coming on so I took the pills immediately. I totally dodged a bullet thanks to ColdRX and am ordering a bottle to have on hand next time I feel like I might be coming down with the sniffles. So happy this worked and excited to have it handy for next time!

These work!

A Naturopathic Doctor recommended these to me. They are wonderful for stopping a cold before it really gets going. I have recommended these to many of my friends. They really seem to work! A staple in my cabinet.

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