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Cheers to a plastic-free planet with HYDAWAY's Collapsible Pint! This pint-sized cup holds 16 fluid ounces of your favorite beverage and conveniently folds down to less than an inch when not in use. Whether you're enjoying an outdoor concert, tailgating at the trailhead, or grilling in the backyard, the Collapsible Pint is the perfect way to enjoy refreshment. With its eco-friendly design, you can raise a toast to sustainability while sipping your favorite drink with a friend.

Customer Reviews

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Van L.G.
A pint for your pocket - Perfect for travel & camping

I spend about half my life in my campervan, and I've learned that size matters. A regular drinking glass takes up so much space, so I thought I'd give this a try in my efforts to find the perfect products for van life. I'm happy I did, because this collapsible pint is only an inch tall when collapsed, making it super easy to store in the van.

I like that the area that touches the lips is stainless steel, which feels way better than silicone, in my opinion. The raised oz/ml measurement markings inside the "glass" are quite helpful when cooking and measuring out ingredients, allowing me to skip bringing a dedicated measuring cup.

I was concerned that the silicone body would be too easily crushed when holding it in my hand, and it does a little as you can see in one of the pictures, but if you don't get carried away with your grip, it is just fine and holds it shape well.

Another score for finding the best van life products!

Nicholei S.
Great Portable Cup!

Pros: I love that it is collapsible, non-toxic and easy to clean, inside the cup are measurements so the person can how many ounces the liquid poured in the container is. The cup collapses down to an inch!

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