Room and Linen Spray Concentrate - Sweet Lemongrass | 8oz Concentrates | Makes 128oz Spray

Natural-Based Room Fragrance with Premium Essential Oils

Made in USA
Natural Ingredients

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Transform your living space into a sanctuary of freshness with Good Natured Brand's Room & Linen Spray Concentrate. This concentrated formula, infused with the essence of natural essential oils, elevates the ambiance of any room or linen, providing a non-toxic, delightful scent.

  • Premium Natural Ingredients: A refreshing blend of essential oils neutralizes odors without overwhelming. Dilute just 1 oz of concentrate with water to make up to 16 full-size bottles of product, providing a cost-effective refreshing solution.
  • Safe for Family and Pets: Gently refreshes linens, upholstery, and air without staining or residue, making it safe for both kids and pets. 
  • Eco-Conscious Freshness: Our formula is free from synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals, prioritizing your health and the environment. Additionally, with its concentrated formula, you'll use less plastic packaging, reducing waste and decreasing carbon footprint. 
  • Instant Mood Enhancer: The quick and easy way to uplift any space with a lasting natural fragrance.
  • Sustainably Made in the USA: Committed to green practices and supporting the local economy.

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