Double-Sided Carpet Tape

Strong, Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

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Ensure your carpet installations are seamless and secure with Roberts' Double-Sided Carpet Tape. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this tape offers a reliable solution for various carpeting needs, especially on stairs and high-traffic areas. 

  • Strong Adhesion: Acrylic adhesive reinforced for strength, ensuring it bonds instantly to any surface.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for securing carpeting on stairs, stair treads, and other indoor or outdoor installations.
  • Long-Lasting Hold: Provides a durable bond that withstands regular foot traffic and environmental conditions.
  • Easy Application: The tape is simple to apply, offering a quick and effective solution to carpet installation challenges.
  • Safety Enhancement: Helps prevent carpet edges from fraying and reduces slip hazards by firmly securing carpets in place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
This is great for crafts..:I use this instead of 3m double sided tape

Use this for my wood crafting

Denis L.
Works well so far (2 days)

needed it

Easy to use

Very easy to use and work with

Janie H.
Great Tape

This tape is easy to use & it really works; it worked great on my tile! It mani pled quickly. I do recommend this tape! I just wished I had known about it earlier.

Difficult for a beginner but worked!

A very rare day happened and I let my teen grandson eat his alfredo pasta in his room... he tripped and dumped the whole bowl out. Ugh. After scrubbing, 2x shampooing and even using vinegar to hide the smell... our 1 year old Doodle ate the carpet. Obviously it took her some time (approximately 2 hours to be exact) to lick and lick and lick this hole in the carpet but my grandson swears he never heard a thing! It would have drove me nuts hearing that sound for so long!After getting an estimate to fix this 5x5 patch of carpet... this led to me watching many videos on how to repair it myself. I'm fairly handy and can do simple diy repairs.After purchasing this tape and getting out the small roll of extra carpet I saved from having carpets installed .... I set to work.This tape is very similar to using saran wrap. If it's done right, it works beautifully.... if it's not... it's a mess and and all stuck together.I did one side at a time, mostly winging it from what I thought I remembered from the videos. .... 2 sides of this patch went on fairly easily but the third side was sticking to itself and more difficult. The last side was the worse because I had very little room to work... the tape ended up all stuck to itself, my hands, and everything it could grab as I tried shoving it in place. It is really a strong, stretchy tape!I ended up with this super sticky tape everywhere except where I needed it... so after a few quiet curse words (mostly directed at my grandson and the dog), I got out my handy-dandy industrial hot glue gun and totally fixed that last side! Can't even tell where it's patched except new carpet against one year old carpet .Tape is definitely worth it!! Saved me hundreds of $$.... and my grandson gets nothing but water in his room now!!.... now he likes to ask for food in his room just so he can laugh at my reaction. Darn kids.My advice.. Buy the tape, save hundreds and use hot glue as needed

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