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Kickstart Your Sustainable Cleaning Journey with Full Circle Home

Why Full Circle Home Loves It:

Full Circle Home is all about small steps in sustainability to make a big impact. This Sustainability Starter Cleaning Kit contains some of their favorite cleaning tools, helping you keep your home and the planet at their best. Each item in this kit is thoughtfully designed to promote eco-friendliness without compromising on efficiency.

Smart Design:

The Full Circle Home Sustainability Starter Cleaning Kit features a lineup of innovative materials and designs that prioritize sustainability and functionality. They use phthalate-free recycled plastic for durability and safety. The non-toxic coating on bamboo handles ensures chemical-free cleaning. Their natural latex exterior and 100% cotton cuffs in the Splash Patrol Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves protect your hands from harsh chemicals and hot water. The Scrap Sack Compostable Food Waste Bags are lined with a unique blend of nylon and rayon from plant fibers, ensuring your food waste is handled responsibly.

At the Core:

Full Circle Home is all about making eco-friendly choices easier. They believe in sustainability, reusability, recyclability, shareability, compostability, and, yes, even huggability. Their commitment is not just to your home but also to the planet.

Care Instructions:

Dishwasher Safe (Bottle Service glass): Use the dishwasher's top rack to rejuvenate your Full Circle products.
Hand Wash (Be Good, Splash Patrol, Crumb Runner, Bottle Service top): For longevity, wash with warm water and soap, then allow them to dry. Avoid leaving them soaked for extended periods, and hang gloves to dry.
Compost (Scrap Sacks): Dispose of the entire bag in your compost when it's full.
Washing Machine (Clean Again): Machine-washable for a quick refresh without spreading harmful dyes. Wash in cold with like colors, tumble dry low, and avoid using fabric softener.

Key Features:

The Sustainability Starter Cleaning Kit includes essential items to kickstart your sustainable cleaning journey.
The 16oz Bottle Service bottle allows you to fill it with your favorite cleaning solution or create your own.
The Be Good Dish Brush boasts durable bristles to battle caked-on food, with a built-in scraper on the brush head.
The Splash Patrol gloves are durable, have a slip-resistant grip, and protect your hands from harsh chemicals and hot water.
The Crumb Runner counter squeegee and Clean Again cloth work together to keep your countertops spotless.
Bottle Service Dimensions: 9.84" x 3.23" x 3.23" | 25cm x 8.2cm x 8.2cm
Be Good Dimensions: 2.56" x 2.36" x 9.25" | 6.5cm x 6cm x 23.50cm
Embark on your journey toward a cleaner and more sustainable home with Full Circle Home's Sustainability Starter Cleaning Kit. It's the perfect way to take those small steps that lead to a greener planet.

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