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Experience the power of microfiber with the E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set. This comprehensive 8-piece set is your one-stop solution for a sparkling clean home. From countertops to stovetops, windows to tiles, these cloths are designed to tackle every surface.

The set includes 7 high-performance cloths that eliminate over 99% of bacteria - 5 for deep cleaning and 2 for polishing. Plus, you get an additional dusting cloth. All you need is water, and these cloths spring into action, eliminating the need for chemical cleaners.

Safe for children and pets, these cloths are not just gentle on your home but also on the planet. The E-Cloth set is a cost-effective solution, with a durability that's backed by a 1-year or 100-wash guarantee. Say goodbye to disposable paper towels and chemical cleaners, and embrace the eco-friendly cleaning power of E-Cloth.

Customer Reviews

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Save the earth

This cloth cleaning set does an amazing job. Each cloth has an identifying label making it easy to use appropriately. How it cleans without sprays is beyond me but it works. I'm especially happy with the glass cleaning cloth.

Amazon C.
Worked as advertised, better than I expected!!

Worked wonders on windows inside and out, on a hot day, no streaks!

Gary L.S.
So many choices

I almost did not give this package to my friend. So many types to try on different surfaces. My friend's daughter had the same set and said it cleans with just water and doesn't streak or leave behind threads or paper shreds like paper towels. Time to get my own I guess..

Linda P.
These clothes are AMAZING!!!

These cleaned Glass like nothing else

Maizie B.
Save on Paper Towels

I love this product. I really like that they label which towel to use and where so you don't get them mixed up. I don't use as many paper towels and I can use these towel over and over. I would recommend this product.

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