Laundry Must Haves Kit

Carbon Neutral
Recycled Materials

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Full Circle Home's Laundry Must-Have Kit offers eco-conscious and efficient solutions to care for your clothes and the environment. With this kit, you'll be able to extend the life of your garments, consume less, and help reduce microplastics in the waterways. It's a win for both your closet and the planet, making laundry day a little more eco-friendly.

Innovative Design:

The kit includes a set of two hampers, four recycled wash bags, and three anti-static dryer balls.
The hampers are made from 100% recycled water bottles (rPET) mesh with a plastic zipper. They have an organic cotton exterior with a metal frame and a protective and wipeable polyethylene (PE) liner. Additionally, they feature a carbon filament static-dissipative fabric to reduce static.
The recycled wash bags minimize microplastic shedding when washing synthetic fabrics.
The anti-static dryer balls are designed to separate laundry during drying, helping clothes dry more efficiently and quickly.
Core Commitments:

Full Circle Home is committed to being part of your home and making products that are sustainable, reusable, recycled, and recyclable. Their items are also shareable, compostable, and occasionally huggable because they are fully dedicated to both your home and the environment.

Care Instructions:

The protective PE interior of the hampers wipes clean, promotes long-lasting use, and helps maintain the hamper's shape when not in use. The hampers are not machine washable.
To refresh the anti-static outer layer of the dryer balls, simply throw them in the wash with like colors and a mild detergent.

What's Inside:

This Laundry Must-Have Kit includes a set of two hampers that can be joined for an intuitive pre-sorting laundry system.
The kit features four recycled wash bags that can be attached to the laundry hamper's snap closures, making it easy to pre-sort small or delicate items before tossing them directly into the washer.
Two small bags are perfect for small garments and delicates, while two large bags extend the life of frequently worn clothes, such as activewear and jackets.
The set of three anti-static dryer balls separates laundry during drying, leading to quicker and more efficient drying cycles.
Elevate your laundry game with Full Circle Home's Laundry Must-Have Kit. These eco-friendly laundry essentials promote cleaner clothes, reduce microplastics in the water, and support a more sustainable laundry routine. Care for your clothes and the environment with this eco-conscious laundry kit.

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