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Experience the comfort and convenience of Allmatters' sustainable period products, crafted from 100% medical-grade silicone sourced from Germany. Each purchase includes an organic cotton bag for easy storage and transport.

Choose from three sizes to suit your needs: Mini, perfect for teens or those who prefer a smaller size; Size A, designed for those who haven't given birth vaginally; and Size B, tailored for those who have given birth vaginally.


* Mini: Diameter - 37mm, Total cup length - 58mm, Stem length - 18mm, Full capacity - 19ml
* Size A: Diameter - 41mm, Total cup length - 70mm, Stem length - 20mm, Full capacity - 27ml
* Size B: Diameter - 44mm, Total cup length - 72mm, Stem length - 18mm, Full capacity - 33ml

When it's time to retire your menstrual cup, Allmatters makes disposal easy and eco-friendly. In many cities, discarded cups are incinerated to generate energy. Alternatively, you can safely burn the cup yourself, as silicone is essentially quartz and produces minimal CO2.

The accompanying cotton bag can be recycled with other textiles at your local facility, or it can be incinerated to create energy.

Allmatters is committed to reducing waste, which is why all packaging is made from recycled and/or recyclable paper and cardboard. Please dispose of packaging responsibly, in accordance with local recycling regulations.

Choose Allmatters for a greener, more sustainable period experience.

Customer Reviews

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I liked

I liked

Farris J.
Get you one girl

I have ordered one of these organic cups before and honestly it changed the period game for me. Don't think, just buy you one or two!! This is my second cup purchase, These are amazing. Half the time I forget I'm even on my monthly using this cup. If you've never used one before, It will take some getting use to at first, but I promise when you do you will not regret it.

Amazon C.
Easy to use, and comfortable

This is extremely comfortable, sometimes I forget it's even there. Was fiddly when I was first starting out but now it's easy. No mess when removing or putting in. I highly recommend this product.

Leslie G.

He buscado por mucho tiempo una copa que le sea cómoda .. que sea flexible .. está me encanto .. es muy cómoda y la calidad perfecta .. el silicon no es para nada poroso .. que es otra cosa que no me ha gustado de otras que he tenido

The cup feels very comfortable, all its packaging looks all organic, 100% recommended


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