Menstrual Cup

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Size: Mini

The material is 100% medical-grade silicone, produced in Germany. Organic cotton bag included. Mini: For teens or those who need a smaller size. Size A: For those who haven't given birth vaginally. Size B: For those who have given birth vaginally.

Dimensions: Size Mini / Size A / Size B

  • Diameter: 37mm / 41mm / 44mm 

  • Total cup length: 58mm / 70mm / 72mm 

  • Stem length: 18mm / 20mm / 18mm 

  • Full capacity: 19ml / 27ml / 33ml  


  • The menstrual cup: In many cities, if you bin your old cup, it’ll be burned to create energy. If you’d rather not throw your cup in the bin, you can also burn it yourself in a controlled environment. Silicone is basically sand (quartz) and will only produce a tiny bit of CO2 due to the small quantity of silicone used in each cup.  

  • The cotton bag: You can drop off your cotton bag at your local recycling facility along with other textiles. In many cities, if you bin your cotton bag, it’ll be burned to create energy.   

  • The packaging: All of their packaging is made from recycled and/or recyclable paper, and cardboard. Please make sure to dispose of the packaging in the appropriate bin, according to your local recycling regulations.

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Customer Reviews

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I liked

I liked

Farris J.
Get you one girl

I have ordered one of these organic cups before and honestly it changed the period game for me. Don't think, just buy you one or two!! This is my second cup purchase, These are amazing. Half the time I forget I'm even on my monthly using this cup. If you've never used one before, It will take some getting use to at first, but I promise when you do you will not regret it.

Bossie M.
Bait and Switch

I was excited to find my product on my door step at 7 am when I checked. I was super confused when I opened the box because my Oragami cup I ordered wasn’t in there and a box that said something like All Matters was. It IS a menstrual cup, but the product I received does not match the photos given by the company as what you will receive. So, Idk if they were bought out by another company, rebranded, or if the company just replaced my high end menstrual cup with an off brand product. Either way this is NOT ok, and is false advertisement. The photos on this product that say Oragami cup should legally all be removed and replaced with the off brand I was delivered, or, I should be delivered product in a box labeled Oragami cup. I have no idea how this product works, haven’t tried it yet, but I purchased the brand Oragami because I owned one I loved that flushed down the toilet. I hope after spending close to $30 it’s as comfortable as Oragami, because I have purchased at least 10 other brands that are so hard, it’s painful to wear and specifically wanted Oragami cup

Amazon C.
Easy to use, and comfortable

This is extremely comfortable, sometimes I forget it's even there. Was fiddly when I was first starting out but now it's easy. No mess when removing or putting in. I highly recommend this product.

Jenna N.
Not for me

I am not a heavy bleeder but it felt full/uncomfortable about every hour. emptying it and dealing with the mess wasn’t worth it. The suction is great; no leaks, however taking it out and replacing it that much made it painful down there. Took a few days to recover from all the “activity”. Ha