Cotton Moisturizing Gloves - Medium Inside Out

100% Premium Cotton Moisturizing Gloves for Extra Sensitive Skin


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Wave goodbye to dry, rough hands and indulge in ultimate moisturizing relief with Cottonnerie's 100% cotton moisturizing gloves. These gloves are specifically crafted for individuals with extra sensitive skin, featuring all stitches and an elastic wristband on the exterior to eliminate direct skin contact. Made from 100% premium cotton, they promise not only supreme hydration and comfort but also a seamless experience free from the irritation of traditional seams.

  • Deep Hydration for Sensitive Skin Engineered to soothe dry, cracked hands and alleviate discomfort for those with eczema-prone skin, sealing in moisture for tender, soft hands.
  • Eco-Conscious Made from biodegradable, 100% premium cotton, they're reusable and washable, reducing waste with every use.
  • Overnight Treatment Without Irritation With their stitch-free interior, these gloves are perfect for overnight use, preventing scratching, treating dryness, and itchiness, all while keeping the lotion off your sheets and avoiding any irritation from seams.
  • Luxurious Spa Experience Turns your daily hand care into a pampering self-care ritual, perfect for nighttime routine, cosmetic, and manicure treatments.
  • Comfort Fit Offering a snug, comfortable wear without the discomfort of interior stitches or tight elastic bands, ensuring the utmost comfort for sensitive skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ava T.
Unique style, touch-sensitive

I love the unique inside-out design! They're touch-sensitive and perfect for handling screens even with sensitive hands.

Noah H.
Edgy and innovative

I adore how edgy and innovative these items are. They really make a fashion statement.

Tina M.
Perfect for cold, techy days

On chilly days, these gloves keep my hands warm without irritating my skin, and I can still use my devices. Great buy!

Grace M.
Themed and functional

Perfect for themed events and daily use, especially since they're gentle on sensitive hands and work with touchscreens.

Emily D.
Could be more durable

Love the design, but I wish they were a bit more durable. Seem a bit delicate for regular use.

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