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Introducing Multivitamin+, a product of Nutritional Roots that is the result of almost 15 years of clinical expertise and extensive plant-based nutritional studies. This formula isn't just about meeting your daily nutritional requirements, it's about exceeding them. Nutritional Roots cleverly incorporates often overlooked nutrients such as Omega-3 DHA and Boron, which aid your body in extracting maximum benefits from essential nutrients. Choose Multivitamin+ for a comprehensive, eco-friendly approach to your health and wellness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paige R.
Their best and most innovative formulation yet

I’ve been taking Nutritional Roots vitamins for years and this is their best and most innovative product yet. The many ingredients that are fermented and activated make for maximum bioavailability. It shows in my lab work - even though I am a vegan my doctor is thrilled with my results. And this multi has more B12 than previous versions as well. Looking forward to seeing what’s next from this forward thinking boutique brand.

Shana G.
AMAZING! Whole food ORGANIC multivitamin, carefully sourced ingredients for a plant based lifestyle

his is a great product and all around a great company!! I am a dietitian who follows a primarily plant based lifestyle. Nutritional Roots is a smaller supplement company, but a company I can trust. The sourced ingredients are high quality and made from the best organic and sustainable grown herbs, mushrooms and seeds. I recently learned about how they take these carefully sourced ingredients and enhance their nutrient value through our Fermactivated fermentation process. The result is nutrient-rich blend that have been designed for those living a primarily plant based lifestyle. I specifically like the B12 boost (since most people following plant based don't get enough!). This whole-food multivitamin is made with nutrients activated by probiotic fermentation and sprouting! Highly recommend it for those looking for a cost effective ORGANIC multivitamin.


I've taken many multivitamin's over the years. I wanted to try something that was more natural and organic. This was right up my alley. I love that I know what I am ingesting every day is good for me and has been tested and approved. I'm hooked for life. Thanks Nutritional Roots .... you rock!

Amazing Multi For An Amazing Price

I loved the price and formula for this vitamin. It's hard to find a whole food multi for less than $30, and based on my recent blood work, this provides a boost of all the vitamins I've been lacking lately. I've shared this with friends battling colds and even brought it to a wedding to help friends recover from the celebration. So far, everyone was blown away with how this boosted their energy and helped them recover. An unexpected (but delightful) surprise: when I opened the bottle, I was shocked by the smell. It smells like a salad. And the little capsules have green tint from all the herbs and vegetables in there. It's the first multi I've ever had that smells, looks and feels like real food.

Nutritional Roots Multi Vitamins

Nutritional Roots are the BEST vitamins I have ever taken in my whole life. They are plant based. I take them everyday to ensure I have all the vitamins and minerals I need on a daily bases. I feel good knowing they are gluten free, GMO free, and dairy free. Love the fact that the vitamins are created through fermentation and the minerals are activated with enzymes. I also love them because I can take them on an empty stomach with no side effects. Bests vitamins out there!

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