Nantucket Spider 8 oz Bundle

Natural Ingredients
Recycled Materials

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Prepare for your bug-free summer adventure with Nantucket Spider's comprehensive 8 oz bundle, the Official Bug Spray of Summer. This essential bundle covers everything from safeguarding yourself to protecting your furry friends.

What's Inside:

The Original Bug Spray for People - 8 oz: This natural, DEET-free insect repellent provides broad-spectrum protection against biting flies and mosquitos without the overpowering scent. In independent tests, it repelled an impressive 99% of mosquitos.

Summer Camp Bug Spray for Adults & Kids (Citronella Free) - 8 oz: Designed for those who dislike citronella, this DEET-free formula is highly effective against mosquitos (98-100% effective in independent tests) and biting flies. Safely protect your loved ones from head to toe.

Extra Strength Natural Tick Repellent - 8 oz: Crafted with a blend of organic essential oils, this tick spray effectively repelled 92% of deer ticks in independent laboratory tests. Ideal for waist-down application, it's your precision instrument for tick protection.

Natural Bug Repellent Spray for Dogs - 8 oz: The Official Bug Spray of Fetch. This DEET-free, water-based formula is perfect for dogs, keeping them safe from biting flies, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Made with organic essential oils, this earthy-scented spray is ideal for dogs and puppies over 8 weeks of age.

Mosquito & Fly Repelling Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks (14 ct) - Meadow Scent: Enjoy bug-free outdoor moments with these beautifully crafted incense sticks. Naturally scented with essential oils, each stick provides over 90 minutes of insect protection. They're easy to light and re-light, making them perfect for any occasion.

Artisanal Stone Block Incense Holder: This durable stone block holder complements your outdoor setting. It's designed to securely hold your incense sticks, even in varying weather conditions.

What Makes Nantucket Spider Bug Sprays Exceptional:

Made from a Unique Blend of Organic Essential Oils: Nantucket Spider's bug sprays harness the power of organic essential oils to effectively repel insects.

Effective at Repelling Mosquitos: In independent tests, the sprays proved to be 99% effective against mosquitos, ensuring you enjoy your time outdoors.

Tick Repellent: Nantucket Spider's tick spray repelled 92% of deer ticks in independent laboratory tests, providing precise protection from these pests.

DEET-free, Soy-free, Vegan, Cruelty-free: Nantucket Spider prioritizes the safety of all creatures. Nantucket Spider's products are free from harmful chemicals, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Safe for All Ages When Used as Directed: You can protect your whole family, even the little ones, when you follow the directions for use.

Eco-Friendly Bottles: Nantucket Spider's commitment to sustainability is evident in the bottles, made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

How to Use:

Extra Strength Tick Spray: Apply from the waist down, with extra focus on socks, shoes, and body parts likely to contact low brush, grass, and the ground.

Original Insect Repellent & Summer Camp Bug Repellent for Kids: Spray directly from head to toe on skin, hair, clothing, and gear. Reapply as needed, especially in humid or bug-infested conditions. Always perform a sensitivity patch test on the inside of your arm before full use.

Insect, Flea, & Tick Repellent Spray for Dogs: Spray directly onto your dog's fur, paying attention to legs, paws, and the underside. Avoid spraying in the eyes. Reapply every 1 1/2 hours and more frequently during wet conditions. Not suitable for use on cats.

Made in the USA


Experience a bug-free summer with Nantucket Spider, and remember, if you're not entirely satisfied with the product, a full refund will be provided. Your satisfaction is the commitment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The best!

I love Nantucket Spider! I’ve had people ask about my bug spray because it smells good! I don’t like using OFF it sighing with deet. I love that this is natural and I don’t feel guilty spraying it on my family.

barbara k.
great but not for deep woods or swamps

I love this product, I especially love the summer camp scent. These are great for keeping bugs off in light situations but in places where the mosquitoes are thick I still have to revert to more chemicals types. Also won't work at all for noseums. That said, I still love. For light protection BUT ALSO, when I am camping rough [as in no showers] this is great for spraying all over and using a wet washcloth - kind of an all in one germ killer, body refresher! Also many people give positive comments of the fragrance

barbara b.
Keeps the nasty bugs away!

For my dogs and myself while hiking or outside in yard. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals And it works well

Kindle C.
Good safe insect repellents

Good safe product. Two for $25 is a good price. I have seen it for more in stores.

Jilliam M.
Best bug spray there is

This stuff is incredible, smells so good & actually works - best part all natural

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