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Seeking a shampoo bar that offers a deep cleanse while managing an oily scalp? Look no further! Bars Over Bottles presents a shampoo bar that not only purifies your hair but also maintains its natural moisture. The outcome? Healthier, more vibrant strands and bouncy hair. Now available in a double pack for double the benefits!

Customer Reviews

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vitamin b.
Very clean

i bought this shampoo for its clarifying properties. i only wash my hair once possibly twice a week so i get a bit of buildup over the week and this leaves my hair feeling super clean. i do follow it with an apple cider vinegar hair rinse (1tbs of vinegar 1 cup of water) after rinsing it out so i can’t say weather or not it leaves residue on your hair but have seen some reviews that say so. i think using a hair rinse is a good idea regardless however. some people don’t like the smell but i loooovveeeee earthy scents and this smells just like clay. i have naturally wavy hair and i think this complements it well.

Super sudsy

I LOVE this shampoo bar. At first I was a little "meh" about the earthy smell but I quickly got over it. They last a long time if you don't let them sit in a puddle of water. They're great for traveling too. I switched to B.O.B.s bars to get away from harsh chemicals and I'll never go back!

Deep clean!

I have been using this product for a while now and love the ingredients of it and it’s a good deep clean clarity shampoo it’s safe on color treated hair too!

perfect for oily and wavy hair

First off, the smell is amazing. it's so natural, a little earthy (in a good way) and very fresh. I love essential oil scents so I knew it'd be perfect. this bar lathers really nicely. I've had the best experiences when I lather it up on my hands first and then apply it to my scalp instead of rubbing the bar on my hair. I have really oily hair and this shampoo bar does a really good job cleaning my scalp. I wash my hair everyday and it doesn't dry out my hair or anything. I use the Paul Mitchell tea tree conditioner with it and it works perfect for my wavy hair.

Works well on fine hair

Works well, smells good

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