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Looking for a deep cleanse without the heavy feel? Bars Over Bottles has the perfect solution.

Their Purifying Shampoo not only refreshes but also deeply cleanses, effortlessly eliminating residue from other products.

Complement this with their Moisturizing Conditioner, a product that hydrates your hair while maintaining a lightweight feel. With Bars Over Bottles, you can enjoy clean, moisturized hair without the weight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cleans and revives hair

I love love this product!!!!I was looking for a shampoo and conditioner to help my hair feel healthy again. I was losing hair BAD!! Like clogging the drain with my hair loss every week, if not sooner!!! So after I have used this product I don’t have that dandruff and grease looking hair anymore. My hair is Silky and soft. It only took about two weeks for my hair to stop falling out in chunks!!!And this is natural, not all those chemicals in liquid shampoo and conditionerIf you need a shampoo and conditioner to help your hair come back try this!!Plus your doing good for the environment by not using bottles!


Easy to hold, doesn't break in pieces, suds are real (feels like real foam not baking soda and vinegar bubbles)

Olivia Z.
Best Bar Shampoo I have ever used.

I have been using this product ever since I lived in Brazil. It is the only shampoo that makes my hair light, it feels clean for days on end. The smell is very mild and natural so keep that in mind if you like a more perfumy shampoo. This makes my scalp and hair feel so clean without me feeling like I have a ton of gunk and chemicals on my head. The conditioner also lasts through two shampoo bars.

Alexis H.
Nice set of shampoo/conditioner bars!

I've never used these shampoo/conditioner bars, so I was really excited to try them out, and I'm really happy with them!The shampoo and conditioner bars look different, which was my main concern - I was afraid they would look the same and I wouldn't know how to tell them apart! I can't exactly figure out the scent, but they both smell lovely. If you've never used bars like these before, I found it takes a little getting used to. It took me a couple tries before I figured out how to get the right amount of lather from the shampoo, and I'm still not quite consistent on exactly how much of the conditioner to use. That said, I'm shocked at how well the conditioner works - the first time I used it, I thought there was not chance it would actually smooth everything, but it really did!After a couple weeks of use, I haven't particularly noticed any difference in my hair. But, they smell nice, work well, and are environmentally friendly, so I'm happy!

Total convert here

I have been a "shampoo and conditioner are liquids that come out of a bottle" person my entire life, but these have converted me. They are so easy to use with minimal waste (both in terms of the lost "product" stuck to the edges of the bottle and the plastic bottle itself). They occupy much less space, are subtly scented, and easy to use (like a bar of soap). They don't lather as well as the liquids I'm used to using, which will take time to get used to, but otherwise, they are so much better than my products of the past. Bonus points that you can easily travel with them as they are not liquid, and you don't have to worry about TSA liquid limits or spills. The scent is subtle, certainly not overpowering, and my hair is so soft, smooth, and frizz-free after using. Would definitely recommend/purchase again!

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