Soothing Patch
Soothing Patch
Soothing Patch
Soothing Patch
Soothing Patch
Soothing Patch
Soothing Patch
Soothing Patch
Soothing Patch

Soothing Patch

CO2 Emissions
0.8 kg
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  • Good For You: EmBeba created natural skincare products for the whole family that introduce a little fun into sensitive skin treatment.
  • Good For The Environment: Made with natural ingredients for effective relief just one patch replaces lots of Band-Aids.
  • CO2 Emissions: 0.8 kg (1.8 lbs).
  • CO2 Emissions Savings: 0.2 kg (0.4 lbs) vs. conventional alternative.

Just peel, stick and soothe! Nourishing ingredients in a gentle, easy to apply patch that stays put on sensitive skin. Heals scratchy rashes, bug bites, sunburn and more in a playful shape that inspires imagination. No mess or yucky residue, just fast, fun relief. ZERO ouch upon removal.

Customer Reviews

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Need more stickum

These are such a great idea! We recently had friends camp with us on our property and their 9 year old daughter got bit terribly by mosquitos. I got these out of our first aid kit and she was our guinea pig. She said the itching was reduced considerably but we could see the adhesive was not strong enough to keep the sticker on. So we kept them on and put band aids on top of them to keep them in place. Problem solved! Again, great product idea, just needs a little tweaking.


I love the idea of these.They do actually work.But the problem is that they do not stick.They end up everywhere but where I put them.It does help for the little bit of time they stay on.And during that time it does seem to help stop the itch.I wish they stuck on better.

kim y.
These work real good

I am so glad i came across these rash patches. My grandkids are always getting bit up or something from playing outside in the yard to running around in the park and always end up itching and scratching. These patches seem to give quick cooling, soothing relief and my grandkids have grown to love them now and haven't had any type of irritation to the skin. I like that they're a nice size too and is easy to use and they are good to keep on hand at home and good for when traveling. I will be getting more. Good quality product.

Christa &.P.N.
Cute and helpful!

Ever try to tell a scared kit that something is gonna make them feel better and see the horror build? These help with that. You got an itchy patch or a bug bite they can't keep their hands off... bring out this adorable patch and let our friend help us!


These patches are cute to use on a kid that has an itchy rash. By covering up the bug bite or the rash, that prevents them from being able to scratch it. I’m not sure how much soothing relieve the Patch provides But it does keep the kid from picking at the spot and making it more irritated.

EmBeba creates natural skincare products to de-stress and de-mess your routine so you can embrace more magical moments.