Tinted Organic Mineral Sunscreen Lotion — SPF 30

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Experience the golden glow of OLITA's SPF 30 Golden Amber Tinted Mineral Sunscreen. This organic, reef-safe product is designed to blend seamlessly with darker skin tones, while providing a bronzing effect on lighter ones. Crafted with the purest ingredients, it offers an effective barrier against harmful UVA/UVB rays. This fragrance-free formula is not only gentle on your skin but also kind to the planet.

With Zinc Oxide as its sole active ingredient, it's an ideal choice for sensitive skin. Plus, it's water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor activities without worry.

This 3 oz. size is conveniently TSA-approved for carry-on travel. Plus, it's FSA and HRA reimbursement eligible.

Ingredients include Zinc Oxide, Sunflower Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Beeswax, Castor Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Tocopherol, Mica, Iron Oxides, and Titanium Dioxide. All ingredients are certified organic, reinforcing OLITA's commitment to healthy, eco-friendly skincare.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Fragrance free makes this awesome!

First things first, one of the drawbacks to a lot of sunscreen products it the scent. This Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 from Olita is fragrance free, so that is a huge plus for me! As a skincare consultant of over ten years, I know how overwhelming it can be looking at all of the sunscreens on the market. This Olita Tinted Mineral Sunscreen is a great choice for many people, even those with sensitive skin. This sunscreen is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. This makes it a great choice for me when our family spends an afternoon at our neighborhood pool. The only active ingredient in this is zinc oxide.

This medium tint will have different effects depending on your skin tone. If you have darker skin, it will give your skin a nice glow. If you have lighter skin such as myself, it will have a bronzing effect. I really like how this Tinted Mineral Sunscreen can be used by any skin type. **This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.** **This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

SPF with a deep bronze glow

I was sent this Golden Amber Tinted Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 complimentary from Olita and Beautytap in exchange for my expert review. I am a Beautytap Verified Beauty Expert with a professional background in retail and healthcare but a personal passion for skincare and beauty. I have been a skincare and beauty content creator and photographer for over a year and take special interest in ingredients and formulation.This mineral SPF lotion has a deep golden amber tint that blends well and does not leave any white cast on skin. The lotion has a very light natural scent. It contains a blend of nourishing ingredients such as sunflower, castor, olive and jojoba oils along with shea butter which keeps my skin feeling moisturized throughout the day. This shade is a bit dark for me to use alone right now but works perfectly for my husband, who has a naturally bronzed olive skin tone, and I may be able to use it during summer months to add a bit of bronze glow. I would recommend this SPF for medium to deep skin tones or for anyone looking for a beautiful bronze glow with their SPF.
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

Gentle Color with Sun Protection

If you are looking for a tinted mineral sunscreen that isn’t going to overdue it with the tint, then the Olita Tinted Sunscreen is one to absolutely try. This cream-based sunscreen has a Golden Amber color that works with all skin tones from a gorgeous golden amber glow on darker skin tones to a natural looking bronzing effect on lighter skin tones. It is seriously safe with 100% of it’s ingredients being safe for skin and for the reefs with the only active ingredient being Zinc Oxide. It is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and should be applied at least every two hours. There are numerous moisturizing and nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba seed oil, castor oil, sunflower seed oil and shea butter. These ingredients also provide antioxidants, reduce redness and dryness, and even provide some anti-aging benefits. I loved how well this sunscreen looked on my skin. It wasn’t too greasy or heavy and provided perfect sun coverage for me. The color looked natural and was easy to blend. I personally use a different sunscreen for my face and if you have a oilier skin type or are acne prone I would recommend the same. When it comes to the body however, Olita is a great choice and one of the best tinted sunscreens I have seen. My background is in biological sciences and I have been a professional skincare blogger for three years.
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

Medium for already tanned skin

Hmmmm ok I'm usually light skin with medium on the summer so I thought that the medium tint sunscreen would be a great way to fake a bit of a tan and still get sunscreen protection. BUT wow it's a deepMedium so I will definitely warn those that this is a mid summer when you're already tanned situation. The formulation itself is very smooth and glides effortlessly over the skin and boasts 30spf. I do appreciate that this is 100 zinc oxide because the Benzenes are not my favorite when it comes to sunscreen protection. The color is temporary so definitely not meant to be a self tanner. With five years experience in the high end skincare retail space, a good basic sunscreen is key. I'm not sure this is a holy grail but I'm sure for those with deeper skin tones, this might be a winner.
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**


As a beauty professional, I think sunscreen is the most important part to a skin care routine to protect against long-term skin damage and overall skin health. I think sunscreen is definitely one of those things where I'd love a product to be fragrance free and perfect as much as possible, however, if it gets someone to use the sunscreen, I think I am okay with less than amazing ingredients if it makes using sunscreen a more pleasant experience. I think that this tinted sunscreen makes it more approachable for all skin tones, which I appreciate as a lot of darker complexions struggle with white cast. I also think this product has a lot of amazing ingredients and I think is fragrance free! Although not vegan, it does have ingredients to soothe the skin and make applying it a smooth experience. I really think this sunscreen is more of a "beach sunscreen" as the oil makes it difficult to layer under makeup, so as long as you aren't a makeup user or just plan on using it without it, this may be the perfect option!
**This review was created through an educational promotional event hosted between the brand and beauty experts.**

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