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Looking for the perfect B.O.B bar for your hair? Discover your match with this ideal trial pack!

This pack features mini bars, allowing you to experiment and find the perfect fit for your hair. Plus, it comes with a mini elliptical bar holder to ensure your bars stay dry between showers.

But that's not all! This pack isn't just perfect for you, it's also an excellent gift choice. Share the love and introduce your loved ones to the world of plastic-free, waterless beauty that you adore so much! With Bars Over Bottles, you're not just choosing superior hair care, you're choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Shannon E.S.
Great product

I've been looking for something for my hair that wasn't a giant bottle of chemicals. This box was a little bit more than I wanted to spend, but it was worth it. There are 3 people in my house and we all picked a different shampoo. I'm very happy with the bar shampoo and will buy the full size. I have very long, fine, straight hair and the Revitalise shampoo is my new favorite.

The conditioners are fantastic

I made a switch to solid shampoos and conditioners a while ago and when looking at this brand in particular I wasn't sure which one I would like best. I have curly hair that is very healthy; I don't color and heat tools are rarely used on my hair. All of the shampoos take a minute to get a good lather going and that, to me, was a mark against them. I didn't care at all for the scent of the revitalizing shampoo bar, I actually threw it out when I was only half way through it because I hated it that much. The one I liked the best was the purifying bar, I would consider that one again. What I really loved in this set was the conditioner bars. They are soft even before I get them wet. Could I rub them on my hair before wetting them? No. But they have give if I were to poke them with my finger and that is something other conditioning bars I have tried lacked. My favorite was the Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner. It smelled amazing and seemed to be just that much better for my hair than the other (which is also a good conditioner). I will definitely purchase it again.

My hair loves it

Great product took my hair a few washes to adjust but after about 2 weeks I noticed how much softer and healthier my hair was


My hair did not feel very clean after shampooing and the conditioner does not work well to keep my hair from tangling. There was also definite build up on my hair making the “not clean” feeling worse and resulted in dull greasy looking hair even right after washing.

Hair felt very smooth, no fly away strands.

I like the variety. Two conditioners included. My hair looks and feels much better than it did with bottle shampoo. Takes up less room than a bottle of each product.

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