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Say goodbye to those questionable blue sprays and endless paper towels with the E-Cloth Window Cleaning Kit. This kit is your one-stop solution for gleaming windows and polished surfaces.

Simply moisten the Window Cloth and wipe away. Follow up with the dry Glass & Polishing Cloth to eliminate streaks and achieve a flawless finish. The Window Cloth, with its waffle-weave design, is packed with millions of tiny fibers that latch onto dirt, dust, and more from smooth surfaces like windows, mirrors, frames, and sills. These fibers hold onto the grime until they are rinsed clean.

The generous size of the Cloth allows for swift cleaning of even large windows, requiring just a rinse or two. The microfiber Glass & Polishing Cloth is the secret weapon for a satisfying, streak-free finish. Just one wipe and you'll be admiring the results.

Designed to be reusable, the Window Cleaning Kit is a sustainable choice, destined for the laundry, not the landfill. E-Cloth backs this kit with a 1-year or 100-wash promise.

Package includes: 1 Window Cleaning Kit - Choose your color.

Customer Reviews

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Rachele L.
Makes cleaning windows and mirrors a breeze

Just put waffle weave cloth in bucket of warm window, wash window and use other cloth to wipe dry! No sprays or soaps needed for a streak less shine! So easy😀

Oddly amazing!!

Just cleaned all the windows on our two-story house in 2 HOURS without any cleaning products! Just used this cloth and then dried with high quality paper towels. No streaks!

Elizabeth S.
Economical and convenient

Cleaning windows, car windows, mirrors, it does it all, no smears and good clean smell. I highly recommend and you can wash the cloth in your washer without any problems.

Carolyn F.
Love this cloth

I am in a cleaning group on Facebook and the women were talking about this product. I ordered it and I am absolutely amazed… Does what it says it will do!!! I’ve used it on my glass top stove, mirrors and windows, as well as my stainless steel refrigerator. Does an amazing job!!!!!

Laura E.B.

My sister recommended this product To me I bought one to try it and I am absolutely amazed at how well it works for mirrors my microwave my stove top my glass coffee table I am definitely going to buy more

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