Hajj Personal Care Set

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Hajj / Umra Personal Care Collection

Embark on your spiritual journey with the essential personal care items for your Hajj or Umra, all neatly packed in a handy zipper case. Please note, items in bold are not allowed during the state of Ihram.

This comprehensive set includes:

* Stainless Tweezers
* Stainless Nail Clipper
* Shaving Razor
* Compact Toothbrush
* 5.5” Stainless Hair Trimming Scissors
* 90ml Unscented Halal Shampoo / Body Wash
* 90ml Unscented Halal Moisturizing Lotion
* 90ml Unscented Halal Mouthwash
* 50gm Unscented Halal Deodorant
* 90ml Unscented Halal Toothpaste
* 90ml Halal Vaseline

Maya Cosmetics ensures that all products in this set are halal-certified, making them a perfect choice for those seeking eco-friendly and ethical personal care options.

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