Fabric Protector Spray

Non-Flammable, Water-Based Protector

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Enjoy worry-free living with TriNova's innovative Stain Repel Fabric Protector. This easy-to-apply solution offers robust protection for a variety of fabric surfaces, ensuring spills don't turn into stains. 

  • Powerful Protection: Creates an invisible barrier that allows spills to sit on the surface long enough to be blotted away, preventing stains.
  • Simple Application: Just spray on the surface, let it dry, and you’re protected—no complex steps required.
  • Safety First: Water-based formula makes it safe to use indoors, unlike many flammable stain guards.
  • Invisible and Odorless: Ensures your living spaces remain visually appealing and free from chemical smells.

Customer Reviews

Based on 293 reviews
Time tells the tale

Looked for help for a white couch. This product does help liquid spills not stain on contact. It does bead away

Aesthetic A.
Used Stain Guard by TriNova. Easy application, waiting for it to dry.

I recently used the Stain Guard by TriNova on my upholstered furniture. The application process was straightforward, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. After spraying the product evenly, I let it dry as recommended.I'm currently waiting for the complete drying to see the final result, but so far, the fabric looks well-protected and hasn't shown any discoloration or changes in texture. I'm optimistic that this product will provide the stain protection it promises.

Sarah G.
Works decent

Not total stain proof but helps a lot

Easy to Use and no Smell.

I just purchased new cushion covers for my outdoor furniture. Previously, I used another brand that has a very strong smell and it even says to do in a well ventilated place. that cannot be good on your lungs! Or your animals!The spray was fairly easy to use and the smell is light and pleasant. My only issue is the sprayer sprayed too much at times. I used an entire bottle on a couch and two chairs..just the front of them. I do need to buy another bottle to do the other sides of the pillowsAs for waterproofing, I did pour a small amount of water on them after a day or so when they were cured. The water beaded up and did not penetrate the cushion cover. I have not spilled anything else on them yet, but I am assuming they will resist something that will stain.So far, I am happy.!

Not Oder less

The product is simple to apply.My partner and I purchased off white couches and area rug and wanted to make sure they stay as clean as possible especially with our two fur babies running around.I’d have to say I’m please with the product but make sure you have a very well ventilated space(as stated in the directions) because the smell of the product is very potent. I had to make sure all the windows were open and placed our floor fan on max speed/rotation to prevent the stench from spreading throughout the home.

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